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Need to see a provider but want to skip a trip to the their office? 

Healow TeleVisits

What is a Televisit?

A Televisit is a virtual one-on-one office visit through the Patient Portal or Healow App. 'Virtual' (Tele) meaning that it takes place over an internet connection through a computer or cell phone. 'Visit' meaning that you will see a provider in real time to discuss your health. The provider will be able to assess your symptoms and issues and make the necessary recommendations, including prescribing medications and scheduling follow up appointments.

How do Televisits work?

You will need to be web enabled by providing a working email address to our office. Once web enabled, you will be able to use our digital portals to enhance your healthcare experience. Once you are web enabled, call your primary care office so you can schedule a TeleVisit appointment by signing on to our Patient Portal or using the Healow Application.  

Options for Established Patients:


Accessing Televisits from a Desktop:

Accessing Televitis From a Desktop.jpg
Step Two.jpg
Step Three.jpg
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